procedimentos cirúrgicos

Esthetic Procedures

• Face lifting (face and neck)
• CO2 Peeling
• Blepharoptosis surgery (eyelid)
• Rinoplastic surgery (nose)
• Mastoplastic surgery (breast)
• Lipoaspiration
• Abdominoplastic surgery (abdomen)
• Gluteal surgery
• Otoplastic surgery (ear)
• Capillary transplants (receding hairlines and baldness)

Reconstructive Procedures

• Scar tissue revisions, skin grafts and flaps
• Tissue expanders
• Breast reconstruction
• Microsurgeries

Important Considerations

The search for esthetic harmony is one of the main factors that motivate people to come to plastic surgeons. When arriving at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic, the first step is to organize a thorough evaluation starting with a medical consultation in which the need for a surgical procedure is evaluated and which procedure would be the best response. Every client is carefully examined and interviewed to identify the exact biotype and psychological profile. Following, a series of pre-operatory exams will be requested. If convenient, they may be done at the Clinic.

The recovery period after any esthetic intervention varies according to the procedure and type of surgery. In general, clients should program between two and three weeks of rest during which complementary treatments are conducted including, massage therapy, lymphatic draining and others offered by the Clinic’s Health and Beauty Nucleus. During this period, exposure to sun, heat and strenuous exercising or activity should be avoided.

The limits of plastic surgery

Every patient-doctor relation is based on trust and communication.
Besides the real physical problems, the growing demand for cosmetic surgery is frequently associated with emotional components. It is essential that surgeons analyze each patient, case by case, to understand their expectations and determine the probability of realistic benefits resulting from a surgical intervention. This important information exchange leads to the final diagnosis and development of treatment strategies.

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